Hybrid Apps

Often times, it can be a smart strategy for our customers to retain as much of the existing web infrastructure as possible and build hybrid apps around it. This not only helps keep costs low but it also presents our customers an opportunity to study their target audience’s behavior in mobile environment before they commence with development of native apps.

Our UX/UI team is skilled in delivering high-quality HTML5 driven apps using Ionic, Mobile Angular UI and Cordova.

Services Only

In this model, AHW engages with you in the capacity of a service provider with no claims or stakes made towards the end product’s ownership or licensing of any kind. This approach is suitable when you have sufficient funding available at your hands to pay for the development costs and would prefer to keep 100% of the product’s ownership stake with you.

Partner Model

This model provides for a hybrid approach in which a portion of the service cost is paid by you, the customer, while the remaining costs of the services provided are compensated through ownership stake in the end product. This is suited when you are either operating on limited budget with insufficient funds to pay for the full service costs, or if you would rather prefer to have your technology partner have some skin in the game with shared risks and rewards.

Our product incubation lifecycle comes with our C2C – Concept 2 Customer – promise. You can be rest assured that once you engage with us; we will be your true partners through thick and thin and will help navigate through any and all challenges until your idea has been actualized and reached your intended audience.

We handle the product incubation lifecycle through three distinct stages.


This is where we bring our technology expertise, industry knowledge, R&D knowhow and systems skills to brainstorm on your idea and concepts with the intent to give it a more concrete shape. Output of this stage typically results in firmed up requirements that can further be used to develop working Proof of Concepts (POCs)

Proof of Concept

Once sufficient requirements have been identified, POCs are the next logical step. POCs may or may not be important to your specific needs depending upon where you are in your product development lifecycle. If you are looking to showcase your idea to potential investors – likely seed or angel at this stage – a nice working POC can go a long way in getting the investment on track.

Reference Implementation

This is your baseline product that is developed and delivered as a fully functional 1.0 release. The initial product is now ready for further enhancements as dictated by business needs. The product can be tested in real market conditions and utilized for attracting the next rounds of funding as the need may be.

All along, the team at AHW works in close coordination with you applying project management best practices to keep the project on time and in budget.

To discuss your specific needs, please contact our Small Biz & Entrepreneur cell at info@ahwconsiultantsgroup.com today.